Introduction to The Hayek Prophecies

Nobel Laureate F.A. Hayek is considered by many to be one of the greatest economic thinkers of all time. Today, his books, even many years after his death, are still global bestsellers. He was not a conservative or a liberal. He stood for peace, democracy, religious and racial tolerance and also for individual liberty, private property, free markets and the right for every man, woman and child to be free from right or left wing totalitarianism... Read More

The Importance of F.A. Hayek

Hayek was embraced by liberals and conservatives alike for his unique and outstanding contributions and explanations of economic concepts and how these relate to a person's survival in the modern world. He was a great force for free market economics. Hayek was not a big fan of the usual economic jargon that put so many people to sleep in the world's universities. He is considered one of the greatest economists of all time and considered himself a classical liberal and not a conservative. He was the author of 19 books and countless articles and papers. Read More